I had a good job in government and was rising through the ranks.

It wasn’t enough. My unmet goals poked at me with a pointy stick. One too many days in a windowless beige office led me to continue my studies at community college, transferring to university. Degree in hand and goal accomplished; the world opened wide.

As a child, drawing cars and trucks made me happy. And my focus and fascination with art and design began early on when I came across unique logo marks, the likes of which I found to be powerful, beautiful yet simply stated. 1980’s album covers, Transformers logos and Star Wars icons began to define my experience and have made their mark on my design aesthetic to this day.

In university, art history courses opened my eyes to the masters of art and architecture so much so that they eventually led me to travel abroad to see many of the pieces first hand in cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and London. The graphic design curriculum rounded out my production skills and planted the seeds for creativity.

After college, I started out as an intern for Saatchi & Saatchi in Torrance where I first experienced the excitement and rigors of deadlines and new business pitches. Since then I have worked my way up from production artist to art director and beyond. I’ve worked on projects for various industries including telecommunications, banking/financial, non-profits, automotive, energy, manufacturer and retail. My experience includes working with small start-ups to large US companies. My most recent position was serving as Creative Services Manager for an energy manufacturer near Los Angeles which showcases my work both traditionally and digitally all over the world.

Currently I am available for new opportunities in the LA and OC areas. I’m also equipped to work remotely and come with my own MacBook Pro, sketch book and Star Wars coffee mug. If I’ve learned anything along my way, is that work is what you make of it. I’m fortunate enough to say the change I made so long ago has made all the difference and that I appreciate the people I have worked with along the way. I’m excited to see what’s next!

Control and define space.
Elevate the experience and the message.
Evoke thought and action.