A collection of writing I’ve done over the past few decades. These are personal in nature and may not be generally accepted but for the one person who needs to read these passages, please feel welcome.

Running from the madness, media and melancholy of modern (CHAOS) life and into your arms, everything meaning nothing, only the here and now.

Out to get me, those undying gremlins (CHAOS). They want to catch me only to tear me apart… Eat me they will, but the soul is the hardest to swallow

Los sueños que tengo durante la obscuridad de la noche son los momentos mas brillantes si son sueños de ti.

It is when I see your smile, your tears, your gaze, that I wish I was a poet, an artist, a photographer, anyone that can capture that moment of profound radiance. Love is but a word… Come see what love incarnate is

Captured images of relative bliss
When all we wanted was time
A powerful reminder of choices we’ve made
Joyful and painful all in the same frame
Did we think it would last forever

The darkness comes again…it looks for me
It knows that I am weak now,
that I will not put up a fight.
It comes for me because the light has left me,
abandoned me.
I sit and wait. Despite the darkness, I do.
It weighs me down like dozens of sprawling
hands pulling me into a sea of despair.

The Screen
The sound of falling rain
a calming yet cold assurance
that my love shares the same fate.
I look to see if she calls but she hasn’t, no surprise.
What would I do if she was here as if time and circumstance could reconcile.
Would I think tomorrow’s Monday, big day ahead?
No, not so sure what I’d think.
Maybe I should sift through pictures while I drink
then I can rest my head and rise anew.
For tomorrow is Monday, another day of things gone blue.

Seat Covers

Using seat covers protect the seats from wear but won’t let you feel/use them the way they were designed to. This is my paradox.

PENTALES – Currently 3 of 5 short stories. Excerpts below.

Man holding cigarette with smoke in black background and lighting on hand
Man holding cigarette with smoke in black background and lighting on hand